We specialise in luxury interior design and decorating. From bespoke furniture to a complete overhaul of your space, we can help you bring your stylish vision to life.

Working With The Weird

Design Do’s and Don’ts for Tricky-to-Decorate Spaces From long and narrow “railroad car” apartments to teensy studios and rooms that seem to be all doors and windows, every home has its own design challenges. But awkward is the new cool and we’re embracing all the...

Sofas for Life

5 Things to Consider When Buying Custom-made Sofas Buying a sofa is like falling in love. Usually its love at first sight – the style is just right, the pattern is exotic and the potential for a long and happy relationship is there. Then, of course, you decide to move...

Emerging Luxury

Interior Trends Your Luxury Home Can’t Live Without Each year, interior designers create a list of lamps, carpets, draperies and other furniture elements that follow the latest design and décor trends. And that’s good -we’ve done it ourselves: https://goo.gl/SczSNh....

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