Luxurious curtains and luxurious blinds liven up a living room in a way that few accessories can. They add colour, determine mood and set the tone for the rest of your decorating style. They also frame and finish your room, much like an artwork on your walls. For the most part, a living room is your home’s centre stage, the place where you’ll entertain guests and spend most of your time. 

Besides their aesthetic value, luxurious curtain and luxurious blinds also offer you essential privacy and security from onlookers, and protect your carpets and couches from sun damage, which can quickly cause colour fading. A luxurious curtain or blind signifies pride of place, and if the colours and styles are chosen right they can create a lasting impression.

How to choose 

Before choosing a luxurious curtain, decide if your living room will be a casual or a formal space. While elegant fabrics and drapes like rustic stone satin and jacquard with velvet hems might sound impressive, they can feel overly stiff and formal in a high-traffic family space. For that, you’ll want to consider textured fabrics in a panel or tab-top style to combine fashion, comfort and functionality.

Increasingly, decorators are starting to combine luxurious curtain and luxurious blinds in the same space to create and control the lighting of a room more precisely. Whether you’re choosing a roman blind or roller blind, you will want to make sure each blind is custom fit, and that it compliments your living room’s dimensions and decorations. For example, if you have low ceiling you’ll want to use vertical blinds, which gives the illusion of greater height. By contrast, rooms with much higher ceilings do best with horizontal blinds as these break the monotony of all the vertical spaces and create more balance in the room’s dimensions.

If the centrepiece of living room is your furniture, neutral colours are often best. Depending on the colour of your furniture, consider combining stained and varnished natural wood blinds with a cream or tan-coloured drape. Too many colours can be distracting, so link your colours carefully.

Finally, you’ll want to consider your window size. If you have smaller windows, hang your curtain rail on either side of each window with wider panels, and with the curtains drawn to inside edge. This makes your window look wider than it really is. For low windows, you can give the illusion of height by installing your rod close to the ceiling. Just make sure the hem covers window’s uppermost moulding.

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