Have you ever noticed the wide arrangement of colours that different retail stores have?
Have you ever noticed the wide arrangement of colours that different retail stores have?
Have you ever noticed the wide arrangement of colours that different retail stores have?
There are many colours, and each of them can invoke a different emotion that drive people to a different action:

Different Ottoman Cube Shapes:

If you’re looking to attract attention to your store, then red is your colour. Red is traditionally used to create a feeling of urgency and alarm, e.g. during sales.
Just note: red can make consumers hit the brakes, triggering a negative impact. So, it’s recommended not to paint a whole store in red, but rather use it as an accent colour in your décor.
It’s no surprise that blue, one of the most popular colours on the colour wheel, connotes maturity and calmness. It’s a popular colour for the use in airlines and financial institutions, as it gives off a feeling of trust and dependability.
Shoppers are 15% more likely to return to stores with blue colour schemes, according to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Business Research.
Green is calming and refreshing, the colour of nature. Retailers often use it to attract eco-minded, health-conscious customers, as it is relaxing and quite easy on the eye. Food stores are also prone to incorporating green in their stores in order to convey an environmentally friendly message.
A favourite amongst fast-food restaurants (McDonald’s, anybody?), yellow is an optimistic colour that evokes a feeling of energy, and increases appetite. Interestingly enough, it is also the colour we notice first.
Just be warned: too much yellow can be hard for the eyes, causing fatigue or agitation.
White is clean and bright. It suggests simplicity, honesty and is modern (Hello, Apple iStores). However, while it’s a good primary colour, it tends to become too stark and too bright on its own – not exactly a good thing when the goal is to make customers spend quality time in your store.

Black on the other hand, is the signature colour of sophistication and elegance. Due to its finesse, cosmetics companies choose black décor to make their products seem more upscale. The same is applied in electronics shops.

Whether you want to tell a story with the colour of your store, or to comfort your shoppers, we make your interior look, and feel good. DDL’s team of dedicated and professional experts don’t just use colour as a decorating tool, but as way of giving your business a colourful edge.

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