3 Ways to Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays!

Travelling and gifts, extra food and holiday parties… From putting your feet up and relaxing with your loved ones to sharing wonderful traditions with your family, December is coming, and you’re dreaming of a clean and organised home, decked out in holiday glory. But, between celebrating, shopping and cooking, a guest room is one of those things that can easily be forgotten…. until you have a visitor, that is.

Here are a number of fabulously easy decorating ideas to help you create just the right atmosphere to allow your guests to feel comfy and relaxed when visiting

1.Peace and Tranquillity
For a more relaxing mood, you need to incorporate several tones that don’t intensify the senses too much by painting your walls and using subtle decorations. A neutral palette is always easy to work with and you can switch out the throw pillows when you want to change up the look. Try something like creamy beige or a powdery blue; even a light shade of lilac could be effective. Balance the cool, calming colours with warm hues for the furnishings and fabrics.

Guest-room Colors

2.Decorate the Bed
Chic bedding will instantly elevate your room and signal to your guests that you have some serious style. You don’t want guests getting too hot or cold during the night, so a mixture of light and heavy covering is your best bet. Start with a base of a cotton sheet with a high thread count. Then following the model used by most guest houses, layer a cotton coverlet with a down comforter on top. This will adapt to both temperature extremes.

Guest-room Bedding

Pillows are another way of adding decadence to your room. Keep an assortment of fluffy and flat pillows on hand to satisfy guests’ individual tastes. Layering a few scatter cushions over a combination of these two also creates a sense of fullness and style for your bedroom décor, and is an easy way to mix up the style of your room – choosing trendy prints or patterns to suit the season.

Guest-room Pillows

3.It’s All About the Space
Besides the bed, the bedside tables are the next most important furniture items. There should be space for guests to store watches and earrings, their phone, a book or two, and a cup of coffee or glass of water. Opt for a low-maintenance finish, so you and your guests don’t have to be overly concerned with water rings. Thoughtful items such as a carafe of water, an alarm clock and fresh flowers add the final touches.

Guest-room Furniture

When it comes to lighting, start by using bedside lights – not only do they cast a soft, soothing light, guests won’t have to negotiate their way to back into bed in an unfamiliar setting.

Guest-room Lighting

By adding a cozy chair to your room your guests will have a place where they can relax, put on their shoes or simply read a book. It’s a lovely perk to give your guests the flexibility to have a spot where they can go for some alone time, whether it’s merely to relax, do work or just get out of your hair.

Guest-room Chairs

We know it can be difficult to design a room that both you and your guests will love. However, with some of the best interior designers in the business, DDL can help you get your guest room luxuriously comfortable for the holidays in no time.

For more information on our full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. Visit our website at www.ddl.za.com to view some of our products, or send an email to info@ddl.za.com.

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