How to make the right impression with your boardroom interior

First impressions count, especially when it comes to your business.

While your Reception Area is the first point of contact with visitors and potential clients, the boardroom is the beating heart of the office. As the central meeting spot, it is the most likely place that you will hold important meetings with prospective clients and employees. It is where your business deliberates, collaborates, and comes to important decisions.

With that in mind, here are 3 important things to consider when designing your boardroom interior:

  1. It’s not all about the trends
  2. First and foremost, your boardroom design must reflect your brand culture and values. If you’re a creative agency or tech start-up, a quirky and colourful modern design can reflect your brand’s innovative and unique approach. However, if you’re an established legal firm, solid wood and calming colour pallets will help present a professional space that is classy and confident.

    If you do want to incorporate some trends into your boardroom décor, these are the top 3 to consider:

    • Bring nature inside – Whether you outfit your conference room with a reclaimed wood table, install a living wall of plants, incorporate a fireplace feature or a water-wall, adding natural elements to your conference room is a great way to encourage meeting attendees to relax, which reduces stress and enables them to be more creative. In addition, walls covered in plants, water or reclaimed wood provide great sound absorption which adds to the calm in the room.
    • Colour your space – Painting an accent wall is an easy and economical way to bring colour into your boardroom, but you can also choose colourful accessories to liven up a meeting space, from multi-coloured glass whiteboards and chairs, to acoustic panels, tables and more.
    • Go high-tech – Ensure your conference room projects an aura of sophistication and polish by choosing tables and furnishings with built-in power adapters, multi-media capabilities and wireless charging options. Consider upgrading presentation equipment, from video conferencing units and TV monitors, to projectors and more. Access to a speedy Wi-Fi connection is also vitally important.

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  3. Function is important
  4. It is important that the boardroom environment needs to be perfect in terms of style, flexibility and comfort. However, no matter how show-stopping your boardroom table may be, poor quality, too large or uncomfortable chairs and an undersized table could significantly diminish the overall quality of your boardroom.

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  5. The devil is in the details
    When it comes to boardrooms, paying close attention to the smaller details can mean the difference between your business being perceived as good and being seen as a great company.

    Add a few water glasses, fruit bowls, fresh flowers, or even mints, to ensure guests don’t have to leave. Making sure there is enough stationery and a buffet table with snacks and drinks can make a big difference. Art and décor accessories are also important in supporting your company branding and culture.

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Looking to redesign your boardroom and really make a good impression? Our décor specialists can help give your business the best chance possible to bring new clients through your doors. From custom-made office furniture to trendy décor accessories, visit our brand new showroom in Kramerville, Sandton for everything you need to optimise your boardroom interior.

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