4 Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to let your fun and imaginative side shine. But while your toddler might love it right now, she might not feel the same about her princess-bedazzled bedroom when the teenage years strike.

Children grow at a notoriously fast pace, so do their taste in… well anything. However, when it’s time to decorate their rooms, constantly updating the décor to reflect those ever-changing tastes can be exhausting, not to mention expensive.

Instead of going through all that trouble, use these tips to design a bedroom that will grow with your child and still let them express who they are.

  1. It’s about them
  2. We know – it’s your house and what you say should go. But your kid’s room décor should showcase their personality, not your own. If you love quiet, understated palettes but your child loves bright colours, don’t force your taste on your child. Finding the right balance between her tastes and your own is the key to decorating a room that they will love at any age.

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  3. Themes are nice, but…
  4. Your toddler might love cartoons, but it’s very unlikely she’ll love the same cartoons at 10. Bear in mind that you will have to replace all of it as your child grows. Instead of sticking to a theme in all of your décor, try to incorporate elements of it in smaller accents. In the same sense, neutral walls are one of the safest children bedroom ideas because they provide the perfect backdrop for your child’s growing personality. Light neutral walls can also make a child’s room seem brighter and inviting.

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  5. Keep it classic and functional
  6. When you have a little one, it’s easy to get taken in by picturesque nursery items. However, furniture is often a long-term investment, so when you choose to decorate your child’s room, instead of small kids’ furniture you should choose timeless, beautiful pieces that will grow with them.

    Consider multi-functional furniture with plenty of storage too. Think outside the idea of a standard changing table and purchase a desk or dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat. This way, you can use the changing table while you need it, but your child has a ready-made space to do her homework once she starts school.

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  7. Accessorise for effect
  8. While neutral is good, it can get boring – especially for a child. Add those pops of personality with accessories that can be changed as easily as their interests. This means items like rugs, throw pillows, and picture frames that you would be fine with swapping out on a semi-regular basis. Additionally, while it’s always great to keep clutter to a minimum, allowing your child to choose a few knickknacks for display in her room is a simple and affordable way to allow her to feel involved in the design process.

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