5 Wallpaper Trends to Stick to This Year

For many years the interior décor industry has cringed at the thought of the dated floral prints that lived on every wall of your grandmother’s home in the ’70s. It was an ugly time, and many people believed that it would be impossible for wallpaper to redeem its reputation.

But styles have changed and it seems that wallpaper is a design trend that returned with a vengeance. From fresh, powerful colours and special effects to floral patterns and geometric patterns, there have been some remarkable innovations in the world of luxury wallpaper design over the past seasons.

In 2018, the once taboo alternative to paint has interior décor specialists frothing at the mouth for its room-transforming, style-defining powers. That’s right: Wallpaper is back and we’re looking at 5 of the biggest trends hitting our walls.

  1. Botanical Beauty
  2. Easily one of the biggest trends in décor at the moment, greenery and botanical prints are also being incorporated in 2018 wallpaper design. People are seeking ways of getting back in touch with nature, even while living in urban jungles and bringing that through in a wallpaper is one of the easier ways of achieving that. No longer just reserved for a feature wall, you can expect to see the trend growing to include more rooms in the house with beautiful large-scale patterns and prints covering whole bedrooms and bathrooms.

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  3. Floral Infatuation
  4. Floral wallpapers are the perennial hit for wall decoration and not for no reason. The lively designs bring spring into the home and chase away the winter blues. Very popular at the moment are wallpapers with expressive blossom and leaf motifs in delicate creams all the way through to vibrant colourways with cherry red, lilac and sunny orange. Rather than utilising petite pastel flowers, opt for something more bold and beautiful. It’s a guaranteed stunner.

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  5. Geometric Elegance
  6. Back in a big way, geometric patterns with fresh, symmetrical shapes and simple, clean lines introduce order and dimension into your home. Bold enough to draw the eye, yet rigid enough to put the mind at ease, the unique style achieves the delicate balance of creating visual interest without overwhelming the design.

    Repetitive patterns with retro chic touches are an excellent way to accentuate your walls and harmonise your entire room. Just remember that repetitive patterns work best when they are in a neutral tone like grey, black, white and beige. This allows you to have fun working with many different colours when it comes to decorating the space.

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  7. Art-inspired
  8. Art-inspired wallpaper has become the new craze for many homeowners because of the way it interconnects visual art with the decorative benefits of wallpaper. In fact, many art-inspired wallpapers have been painted by real painters who wish to give a different visual form to their works.

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  9. Textured Charm
  10. Urban Chic is set to be a major trend for 2018. An on-trend loft atmosphere is easily achieved with photorealistic designs. Rustic-brick, raw-concrete or rust-effect wallpapers give a room a cool, design-oriented ambiance. For the finishing touch, this look is paired with furniture and home accessories in wood, metal or leather to create the in-vogue industry style.

    Another way to express creativity in your walls are reflective metallic-effect wallpapers – an artistic way to draw attention to the walls. Other must-haves include wallpapers with 3D effects: they create a stunning look even in small spaces.

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Do you have a favourite wallpaper trend? Well, DDL has the perfect print waiting for you. So why not visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton and be inspired by our wall-to-wall selection of on-trend wallpaper selection? Remember, you can’t go wrong with a quality wallpaper and trending design to bring elegance and design style to your favourite spaces.

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