5 Ways to Transform Your Home with Accessories

If the walls in your home could talk, what would they say? Well, as it turns out, not half as much as the smallest design elements in your home. When it comes to big interior décor statements, it’s clearly the little things that count.

Just like icing is the first thing we see when we look at a cake, accessories are what catches your eye when you walk into a room. Nothing adds more grace to your space than the right accessories.

However, accessorising is not only about decorating your space with few cushions, a rug or coffee table. Well-chosen art and accessories also reflect your personal style and add that finishing touch to a room.

Here are some ideas on how a few small details can make a big difference:

  1. Start with the Rug
  2. The rug is the most important piece in any room. When you start with a great rug, you can build off of it. It’s the foundation for the room. (Visit https://ddl.za.com/2018/07/09/buying-the-perfect-rug/ for advice on how to pick the perfect rug).

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  3. 2. Embellish the walls
  4. If you are looking to liven up a room and add simple but stylish design flair swathed in personality, wall art is the way to do it. From striking black and white prints to resplendent flower and animal prints bursting with brilliant colour, the sky really is the limit.

    Alternatively, invest in a memo board and decorate with ornaments and pictures as well as useful reminders.

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  5. Pile on the Pillows
  6. Using scatter cushions as part of your décor is one of the quickest and easiest ways of sprucing up the various indoor and outdoor spaces in your home. However, there are a few guidelines you should follow when accessorising with scatters:

    • Group in pairs or arrange them in a way that there is some kind of symmetry in the arrangement for optimum visual impact. For a more traditional look, it is best to stick to an even amount of scatter cushions.
    • Be sure to always choose colours that contrast with your sofa, but harmonise with your floor rug, curtains and other décor elements.
    • Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different textures – these can add to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

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  7. Focus on Your Favourites
  8. Be selective with accessories. Accessories are like a woman’s jewellery. You would never wear all of it at once. The rule of thumb is to edit your accessories so that you never have more than 20% out at a given time.

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  9. Affordable Accessories
  10. Using colour and texture can change the tone of the room, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Use things at your disposal, like fruit or flowers. Even old knick-knacks can liven up the dullest of rooms.

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Accessories play a very important role in completing your interior design. This is why we add the finishing touches to bring out your personality and create the desired textures, shapes and colours to complete your décor. Our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton has a variety of accessories perfect for your home and a team of décor specialists that are ready to help you accessorise like an artist.

For more information on our full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. Visit our website at www.ddl.za.com to view some of our products, or send an email to info@ddl.za.com.

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