4 Ways Floral Interior Décor Trends Have Evolved

When you hear the phrase “Floral Patterns,” images of your grandmother’s living room may pop into your head. However, floral motifs have actually evolved quite a bit over the last 15 years. So much so that splashes of over-sized blooms and large-scale florals with botanical references in wall art and furniture have been gaining prominence in interior design.

But where did it all begin, and how do we go from Flower Power interior mistakes to a fresh and modern take on this timeless classic? It is important to use florals in an appropriate way. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help give your décor a more outdoorsy feel:

  1. From fake florals to the real deal
  2. The early 2000’s saw the rise of the silk flower phenomenon. Yes, fresh flowers have a limited lifespan, and houseplants can be finicky, but silk flowers literally just collect dust, even if they are “low-maintenance.” These days succulents, birch, moss, variegated foliage and ferns give arrangements the natural, organic vibe that millennials seem to prefer. If you’re looking for something rich in colour, orchids are a relatively easy option for indoor use.

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  3. Bigger is better
  4. Floral patterns are hot but they aren’t the tiny, boring patterns you may remember from Grandma’s sofa decades ago. They’re bigger, bolder and more abstract with exaggerated proportions and contrasting colours. Imagine large scale print of peonies or lilacs that make a vibrant, bold statement in the room.

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  5. To wallpaper, or not to wallpaper
  6. While noughties home-owners cursed under their breath when seeing wallpaper on their walls, millennials are loving the idea of big, bold prints in their homes. The key is to use an updated pattern in a small dose – like in a powder room or on a bedroom accent wall. However, if bold colours aren’t your style, black and white prints are a lowkey way to add florals.

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  7. Mix to match
  8. Not everything has changed since the early 2000’s. “Mix to match” is still very much the take on this classic theme – so you can go crazy with floral-on-floral accessories to your heart’s content. The key is to mix it up with contrasting styles – such as ditzy blossom prints next to blousy, flamboyant blooms. Layer up cushions, furniture upholstery, wallpaper and paintings for the full-on-floral experience.

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Whether you’re a beginner or you know it all, DDL’s interior décor specialists will help you flaunt those florals with ease. From wallpaper to accessories, we’ve got it all at our our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton. So why not get your floral-fix from DDL today?

For more information on our full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. Visit our website at www.ddl.za.com to view some of our products, or send an email to info@ddl.za.com.

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