Curtains and Blinds: Then vs Now

Fashion changes with time, whether it’s related to clothing, electronics or architecture. Adapting your interior space to reflect the latest trends are no different. From simple wooden shutters and elaborate French drapery to full-length curtains and layered blinds: when it comes to your windows, we look at exactly how window coverings have evolved in the last 200+ years.

19th Century – An Era of Decadence
While wooden shutters were still widely used in the early part of the 18th century, the blooming British Silk Trade meant affluent home owners finally had the means to decorate their homes with flare. And decorate they did…

Pull-ups were made from lighter silks like taffeta, velvet, damasks, printed linen and chintz while portieres had deeper pelmets with curtains caught back three-quarters of the way up in the “Italian” style.

Paired curtains were in use, topped with elegantly shaped and stiffened pelmets with appliqué or embroidery work. The fabric often included Rococo motifs such as garlands of flowers, knots of ribbons, fronds of leaves and fine outlines in designs influenced by French fabrics.

In France, the first cord-and-pulley system was introduced as homeowners began to layer muslin, curtains and cornices to create an affect now known as ‘French drapery.’ Roller blinds appeared during this time – their first recorded use in London is in 1726.

Rugged Lighting

21st Century – An Esthetical Mix
Although the window coverings of today are a lot simpler than ever before, it seems the minimalistic look is fast coming to an end. With the demise of the barren look and feel comes the opportunity to return to wholeness – although, not as elaborate as that of the 19th century

The picture can now be completed with full-window coverings ranging from aluminium, to motorised and vertical blinds. Drapes and curtains are also in use, but if you want your home’s interior to have a modern look and feel without compromising on the atmosphere and comprehensiveness, then designer blinds are certainly the way to go.

Creativity is king when it comes to this year’s curtain trends and you should expect to see more ombre effects with plenty of tactile fibres and metallic shimmers. Full-length, floor to ceiling curtains create a slick, sleek look. Carefully considered curtain poles are being utilised with the layering of different blinds and curtains, including sheer fabrics and shutters.

Linens and other natural, textured fabrics are sought after when shopping for blinds and curtains in 2018, but don’t be scared of the occasional velvet – another big trend to watch out for. Neutral, printed fabrics featuring both bold and subtle motifs of botanics/florals are also big.

Gold Lighting

But whether you want to restore the historical integrity of your home, or perhaps have a more modern look in mind for your windows, we won’t leave you hanging. Our interior specialists use advanced knowledge of window covering trends, past and present, to help you reflect your home’s unique personality. Let us make it for you, or visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton for a selection of blinds and décor accessories.

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