5 Interior Décor Trends for Summer 2018

From eating sweet ice-lollies on hot sandy beaches to enjoying the crystal cool waters of your pool on a sweltering day – summer is finally here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with entertaining pool parties, backyard braai’s, movie nights with family and friends, and pretty much any other excuse you can think of to have people over.

But before your guests arrive for the summer soirée, here are 5 trendy summer decor trends perfect for impressing even the most cold-hearted guest.

  1. All that glitters is gold

  2. Part of the alluring metallic trend that has been shimmering through our interiors since 2016, gold brings a special sense of warmth and comfort to your summer design. Softer than silver, it brings its own elegance together with a sense of decadence. Bring on the shine with gold detailing like doorknobs and handles, gold lamp bases and picture frames.
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  3. A summer of colour

  4. Previous years have seen a lot of pastels blooming in summer. However, this year, colours have become rich and meaningful. From the darkest inky teals moody charcoals and deepest emeralds to the juiciest watermelon, earthy terracottas, caramels and burnt oranges. But remember to think outside the box: Try brushing a canary yellow on your front door or spray-painting a seafoam green on that old wicker patio furniture.

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  5. Pretty prints

  6. From large scale beach wall art and watercolour prints to summer flower prints and big butterflies. Give your home a summer facelift by filling your frames with summer-themed prints! Birdseye beach shots, waves, or even funky but beachy photo manipulations can do the trick! Or go big with floral wall paper in bright colours with scatters to match.

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  7. Botanicals, of course

  8. It should come as no surprise that plants are one of the biggest trends for summer décor this year. According to Pinterest trend data, climbing plants are huge this year, and with increasing news of health benefits the, a winding, twisty plant can look super chic indoors as well.

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  9. Summer ombre

  10. Meaning ‘to shade’, this season you’re going to see ombre in many different ways, from fabrics to cushions, rugs to bedding, and in a painterly watercolour style on lampshades, artwork and furniture. If you don’t feel brave enough to try it yourself on walls, then source a wallpaper instead. Once you have chosen your colourway, co-ordinate your accessories to complement the wall colours using a mix of plains and prints.

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nterior décor and design are all but following a standard pattern these days, but when it comes to creating the perfect living atmosphere, our clients’ tastes and needs always come first. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary living room, our décor specialists can help you find the décor personality that best fits your style

And if you’re looking for some solid summer inspiration, why not visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton? From décor accessories to made-to-order furniture, we have everything you need to bring your home to life.

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