How to use Pantone’s New Colour of the Year in Your Home

It’s that time of the year where countless interior decorators and fashion designers take a break from the holiday cheer and wait in bated breath for Pantone, the pre-eminent colour authority, to announce its choice for ‘Colour of the Year’.

And yet again, Pantone has not disappointed.

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‘Living Coral’, also known as Pantone 16-1546, has just taken the title of Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019, and we’re loving the bright, warm, peachy hue with a life-affirming golden undertone.

Last year’s ‘Ultra Violet’ was a complex, celestial hue that called to mind the vastness of the galaxy, the power of spirituality, and creative expression in all. This year, however, Living Coral is somewhat of a reaction against some of the most pervasive and dominant aspects of our modern lives.

“In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy,” Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Executive Director, said in a statement.

The life-affirming coral hue is playful, sociable and humanising by nature, creating a source of sustenance and shelter in our continually shifting digital environment.
Its vibrant, tropical, almost neon shade embraces us with warmth and nourishment and provides comfort and buoyancy.

So, if you’re in the pursuit of joyfulness and optimism, Living Coral is the perfect colour to bring your home to life.

However, if this not-quite pink, not-quite orange colour of the moment has you stumped with where to start, we have some inspiring ways you can use Living Coral:

  1. 1. Make a Statement
  2. Living Coral radiates positivity and warmth, making it an expressive shade even in small doses. Introduce it into your home through small elements to brighten up a room. Consider using throws and rugs for an inviting feel in the living room or use blocked plates and coasters to perk up a table arrangement in the dining room.

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  3. 2. Fashionable Furniture
  4. Living Coral provides an injection of vivid colour when applied on a larger scale around the home too. Pick a statement sofa to play up its positive, sunny vibes to incredible effect or amp it up for an all-out tropical aesthetic. Dining chairs are also a great fit for this peachy colour, lending a cheerful, engaging vibe to the space.

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  5. 3. Add Complementary Colours
  6. When decorating with Living Coral, consider its complementary colours. It can be paired with unexpected shades like mint for a fresh and on-trend aesthetic, or greys and blush tones for a softer statement look. This adds a natural, welcoming feel to a space while also showcasing the vivid, chromatic qualities of this dazzling, joyful colour. Consider a statement wall or door with matching accessories from Pantone’s ‘Under the Sea’ palette.

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From interior décor flair to full-scale design projects, we’re going crazy for coral this year and our décor specialists can’t wait to share this energising colour with you! Create your own style with our tailor-made furniture in Living Coral, or visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton for home accessories that will help you bring your home to life.

For more information on our full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. Visit our website at to view some of our products, or send an email to

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