5 Wallpaper Tips for the Adventurous Decorator

Florals, geometric designs, textures and bright colours… It’s back!

Last year we discussed the top 5 trending wallpapers to add to your home, and it seems this interior décor favourite is back with even more zest than before.

And it’s no wonder. The walls of your home are the most valuable real estate for decoration and design. They cover the most area and your eyes are instantly drawn to them, making a statement instantly!

When remodelling, however, many homeowners will choose to paint simply because they don’t have any experience with wallpaper. However, while paint and contrasting colours will certainly make a difference, nothing adds texture and life to your walls like the daring patterns of wallpaper.

So, when you’re ready to let your walls express your affinity for boldness, here are five tips to dressing your walls with confidence:

  1. Function before fashion
  2. As with every other decorating rule, your lifestyle and comfort have to come first. Going bold doesn’t always mean embracing bright colours. Textured wallpapers are amongst the top trends for wallpaper right now, and it suits a natural environment perfectly. Keep looking until you find the perfect wallpaper for you – with all the buzz around wallpaper design at the moment, it shouldn’t take too long.

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  3. Planning ahead
  4. Decide how you want to decorate your room before deciding on wallpaper. You can really get creative, including decorating all 4 walls, creating a statement wall, splitting the wall with paper and part paint (chair rail) or even adding an interesting feature to the ceiling. Make sure you know what will suit the room best, and what you’re planning on doing with the décor.

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  5. The bolder the better
  6. If you do decide to go big on colour, get creative. Large scale print is perfect for an accent wall in a bedroom or dining room, and is sure to offer a wow-statement. Apart from the obvious trends like florals, geometric designs and textures you should also consider hand-screened wallpapers or using a mural. While these tend to be more costly, they are uniquely custom made.

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  7. It’s not for everywhere
  8. While wallpaper is all the rage right now, don’t be tempted to use it in every room of your home. It’s best left for those rooms where you want to add drama and interest. Also consider using wallpaper as an accent and not a feature if you want to downplay its impact.

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  9. Professionals are your friends.
  10. While hanging modern wallpaper has become a lot easier than what it was in the 70’s, using a professional decorator is still your best option. They will know which backing paper to use and how much wallpaper is needed. In addition, they will also be able to give you advice on where to get the best priced wallpaper.

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Ready to commit to the beauty of wall-dressing, but not sure where to start? Our décor specialists know exactly how to make the most of your walls. Whether you’re looking for bright, bold patterns or soft demure textures, we’ll help you express your unique style with the right wallpaper for your home. Our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton also has a variety of accessories perfect for bringing out the most in your redecorating projects, with custom made furniture that meet your every taste.

For more information on our full-service décor and design services, or to schedule a private consultation, call us on 011 262 5225. Visit our website at www.ddl.za.com to view some of our products, or send an email to info@ddl.za.com.

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