What You Want vs What You Get

From big and bold floral patterns to geometrical statement prints and metallic textures, it’s no surprise that the modern wallpaper trend is dominating this year’s interior décor scene. Whether your goal is to enliven an entryway, bedroom, or living room, wallpaper is a (relatively) simple update that can give enormous results.

However, just like man rompers and mini bangs, sometimes our enthusiasm for trends can get the most of us. And before you know it, your statement wall is screaming “epic fail”.

Here are five things you should consider before choosing the right wallpaper for your home, and five reasons why it’s important to manage your wallpaper expectations before it becomes a roaring reality.

Colour me Crazy

Before committing your wall to a trendy covering, it’s important to remember the effect light and dark colours will have on the space it is being applied in, as well as how the pattern complements the rest of the room. Light colours are perfect for a romantic, simplistic feel while darker colours can be very dramatic and sombre.

Shape Your Style

Geometric wallpaper patterns are all the rage this season. Perfect for use as a feature wall in the home, the combination of intricate patterns and shapes with contrasting colours create an eye-catching focal point. Balance the busy shapes with a solid colour and simple furniture. But whatever you do, stay away from Granny’s 70’s kitsch.

Flat vs Textured

Most wallcoverings can mask a variety of flaws on your walls, but textured patterns are especially good at this. This means you don’t have to spend as much time and effort on wall prep or smoothing. However, it is easy to overdo textured wallpaper – keep it simple and calm to avoid a tacky, cheap feel.

Made to Measure

Measuring for wallpaper may seem like a daunting task, but it is a very necessary one. You don’t want to find yourself near the end of the installation process and be short. Dye lots can differ from day to day, so even if you order from the same source, you may not be able to match the colour exactly. Plus, it’s nice to have extra on hand if you need to patch or cover damaged areas in the future.

Back it Up

After determining the colour and style of the wallpaper you want, you need to consider the backing adhesive that will be used. Bathroom wallpaper can cause problems since the moisture and humidity might cause it to peel off. If you do choose to wallpaper your whole bathroom, or especially the area by the sink and tub, opt for “splashproof” wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is specifically designed for high humidity areas and is even wipeable, should anything get on it.

Looking for interior décor solutions that will have you over the wall? From textured and bright to geometrical and romantic, our experienced home décor specialists will help you find the right wallpaper to make your house feel like a home. You can also visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton for all the latest trends in home accessories.

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