Five Fresh Furniture Trends for 2020

The year-end parties are being planned and the kids are looking forward to the December holidays. The year is coming to a speedy close, and we couldn’t be happier.

However, as 2019 ushers out, interior décor trends for the new year are already coming in. And the question on everybody’s lips is “What’s new in furniture design?”.

Luckily, there’s no need to wait to see what trends are bound to grace our homes. These five décor trends will help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in furniture fashion:

Ahead of the Curve
Goodbye straight lines and sharp edges. Next year will see geometric shapes evolving into softer, curvier shapes that contrast perfectly with raw materials such as concrete and brass. Everything from vases to floor lamps and seating is being enriched with tactile sensations and silhouettes, adding a touch of feminine elegance to your interior.

More Than the Eye Can See
Modern life is moving faster than the speed of thought. Luckily for us, décor hasn’t lost its thoughtfulness. Multifunctional design will ensure our furniture can adapt to the changing needs of our lives. It’s also a good reason for designers to explore new interesting shapes, objects and materials that work by offering different functions.

The Beauty of Handmade
Traditional woodworking methods, weaving, handcrafted ceramics: there’s nothing like having a piece of furniture in your room that screams craftsmanship and custom design. In reply to all the technological advancements in our lives, 2020 furniture trends see us all re-discovering the value of more bespoke, hand-crafted pieces.

The Nature Rule
Thanks to the evolving inside/outside phenomenon, many furniture artists have adopted nature as their muse. By introducing natural materials such as timber, stone and leaves into our homes, they’re demonstrating an emotional approach to creative furniture design. Get inspired by grass, flowers, trees, big animals, birds and insects to bring a unique charm into your home.

Sitting Healthy
Many designers have observed a shift toward more eco-friendly and green elements indoors. However, next year will also see designers considering human wellbeing. Where 2019 was filled with minimalistic designs, now the focus is on the concept of healthy living. This means allowing space for individualism, comfort and furniture designs that don’t just look good, but make us feel good too.

If you’re ready to change your furniture from à la old to à la mode, DDL’s Custom Furniture is the way to go. Whatever your taste or preference, our interior design specialists will work closely with our talented furniture designers to turn your favourite trend into a trendy piece of furniture for your home. You can also visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton for inspiration on the latest furniture styles.

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