Home Interior Trends for 2020

Bold colours, painted ceilings, wall prints… 2019 has been filled with interior décor elements that have turned our homes into the luxurious spaces we adore. However, it’s time to put away the Hygge and get with the hype with these latest décor styles.

Biophilia is a Thing

Biophilic design is the biggest news coming out for creating happier, healthier interiors, but what is it? Simply put, if nature and technology had a baby it would be called Biophilia. Combining the calming, tender elements of the outdoors with the convenience and luxury of technology, Biophilic design makes most of the beautiful views, natural lighting, plants and natural materials. Whether you’re incorporating it into furniture design, wallpaper décor or just faking it with green plants around your home – 2020 is the year for nature to dominate across all décor elements.

Playing with Colour

Interior décor colour trends are heavily influenced by the fashion that trickles down from Milan – the Style Capital of the world. And, as per Milan, 2020 promises to be one of the most stylish in history. Lavishly rich tones are dominating the walkways with nature being the ultimate inspiration. Think sumptuous navy blues, golden yellows, dark reds, intense charcoal and fruity mango for your walls and accessories. Olive green, in particular, will be in the limelight, mimicking the look of nature.

Textures & Trends

The new year is ushering a whole new take on textures – and we couldn’t be happier. Use a contrast of delicate and strong shapes and details, with mixed textures – especially velvet (a little blast from the past). For a softer look, combine retro-modern feel accessories with playful rounded shapes and graphic prints in blankets and throws.

Marble is also making a surprise appearance – not in the Greek statuesque style we’re used to, but rather a more textured version that is reminiscent of stone. Pair it with concrete in the kitchen and you have a delicious combination of perfection.

Getting Fresh with Furniture

Nature is definitely a strong influencer when it comes to interior décor trends in 2020 – furniture is no exception. From the soft, curvy lines in Livingroom settees to the natural handmade quality of cabinetry. Imagine arched doors made from reclaimed wood or velvet rich beds with bends. Find out more about the expected furniture trends here.

Chosen a favourite trend already? Our experienced home décor specialists are on top of all the latest industry trends, ensuring that we can advise you on all the latest styles. Whether you’re renovating or just looking to invest in some trendy cushions for your sofa, visit our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton.

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