How to Make Your House Feel Like Home These Holidays

The aunts and uncles, the brothers and sisters, the cousins, the parents, the mother-in-law… One of the best parts of the festive season is spending time with your family and friends.

However, having guests to stay can be stressful — especially when you want to make your living space a comfortable and inviting home to each and every visitor. But, if you’re planning on opening your home to loved ones this season, we have a few ways to ensure they get a luxuriously comfortable welcome.

A Clean Start
It may seem like an obvious element, but it’s the small clutters that can really cause a mess. Stacks of bills, near-toppling magazines and more are stressful to see — even to guests. If you can’t always keep the space uncluttered, tuck stacks away before guests arrive.

If you’ve kept up with your spring-cleaning, a quick tidy-up shouldn’t take too long. Dust, vacuum and tidy up items that aren’t fulfilling a function in your décor. Pay special attention to your guest bedrooms.

The Smell of Opulence
In addition to cleaning, the power of smell plays a key role in making your home welcoming. A great smelling home is always inviting and draws guests in. Light scented candles that everyone will love. From fragrant flowers to freshly bake cookies, there are endless options for you to choose from.

Hello, Comfort!
Your front door is the first opportunity to make your guests feel welcome, so make sure you spend extra time decorating your entrance. Whether it’s great lighting, a piece of art or a mirror, find something that will draw your guests’ attention into your home. Try experimenting with different décor accessories, like a retro welcome matt or a statement furniture piece. A big green leafy plant right to the side of the inside of your front door (if one will fit) is a good way to add an instant inviting-vibes.

The Luxury is in The Details
Small things like candles, funny plush toys or a book in the right place can give you a nice feeling of calm, but attention to detail can do wonders when having people over. Adding different textures to your home design is another way to create a sense of coziness in your home. From fluffy carpets and plush scatters to smooth wooden furniture, these soothing textures twill add an extra layer of comfort to any room in your living space. It’s also a more affordable method to add extra comfort in addition to your own, everyday décor.

Comfort & Colour
Whether you’re accessorising or completely re-decorating, colour plays a really important role in creating an inviting atmosphere in your home. You can use colours in various ways to evoke certain feelings, e.g. a statement wall, art and décor accessories.

Warm colours are inviting, happy and cozy. These colours can make spaces appear smaller, creating a cozy feel. Neutral colours are also a way of creating a calm, soothing environment.

The Bonus Feature
‘Tis the season to be stressed — or so they say. However, it’s also the time to kick off your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy the company of those you care about most. Enjoy making your house a haven for the holidays and remember: there’s no place like home for real comfort!

From inviting colour palettes and small décor elements to advice on furniture arrangements and complete holiday overhauls, our décor specialists are happy to help you add that warm welcome to your home this festive season — and any other time of the year. Or give yourself the gift of comfort this year with luxurious accessories for your home, available from our showroom in Kramerville, Sandton right now.

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